Almost guaranteed to help you sleep!

So, The independent asked us to feature in another of their 'best of' lists; this time it was the 12 Best Eye Masks

The mask selected was the beautiful Aroma Home Cream Faux Fur mask (also available in grey

Feature by journalist Rachel Tompkins

This mask is nicely packaged for a gift and made of incredibly soft faux fur. 

The inside of the mask feels like silk, but is 100% polyester, and when you put it on it has a gorgeous, yet not overpowering, lavender scent.

While the pale-coloured fabric means that it shows up any makeup marks easily, it can be cleaned with a damp sponge.

Our tester found that it let in a little bit of light around the bottom of the nose area but not enough to prevent sleeping.

Order yours for £12.95 including shipping 

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