Wheat Bag Safety Standard

Surprisingly there is no known legal requirement in the UK for safety testing or clear labelling of wheat bags, however, there is a voluntary safety standard in place, albeit unregulated, and a responsible manufacturer and retailer will ensure their goods meet these requirements regardless of enforcement, so it's important to buy a product that does comply with BS8433:2004 and that you you follow the heating instructions provided.

BS8433:2004 is a British standard that forces a manufacturer to:

  • rigorously test their products
  • provide heating instructions that are clear and easy to follow, borne out of a strict heat testing exercise rather than estimated; easy to see by defined font sizes so everyone can read the instructions
  • require the labels to be sewn into the product itself as well as an easy to read swing tag.

All wheat bags sold on heat-treats.co.uk meet the BS8433:2004 British safety standard applicable to wheat bags, so you can buy with complete confidence.