Points make £££s



Become a member of the Heat Treats rewards program and earn loyalty points to convert into coupons. Sign up by clicking on the 'Heat Treats Rewards' button in the bottom left hand side for your screen.

You can earn reward points in several ways:

  • Joining - earns you 150 points
  • Place an order - earns you 5 points for every £1 you spend
  • Share on Facebook - earns you 50 points
  • Share on Twitter - earns you 50 points
  • Refer a friend - earns you 100 points plus they'll receive a 10% off coupon

Your points can quickly add up to a spendable value.

100 rewards points = £1 money off and you only need 300 points to receive your first coupon code!

You can either claim your coupons as they become available or you can save and accumulate them up to a maximum value of 2000 points - £20 coupon.


If you have received an email advising that you have earned Heat Treats reward points and you would like to redeem them just follow these simple steps.

  • log in to your account.
  • add an item / items to your basket
  • click on the rewards button in the left hand bottom of your screen (PC) or bottom of your screen (mobile device)
  • the pop up window should now show a redeem button; click on this and your code will be visible.
  • enter this in the coupon code box at checkout and the discount will be applied.