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Wheat Bag Do's & Don'ts


Wheat bags are traditionally used for the intended purpose of direct application to the body, NOT as a bed warmer. They make a super alternative to a traditional hot water bottle and are often favoured due to reduced risk of scalding. They are a great holistic remedy to ease aches, pains, injuries and discomfort as well as aiding relaxation, so above all else, enjoy your instant personal warmer.

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Are wheat bags safe to use?

Yes, providing they are used by a responsible adult, for the intended purpose and according to manufacturer’s guidelines. 

All of our wheat filled products are manufactured using flame retardant materials to British safety standard BS 8433:2004 which includes a flammability test, so it is impossible for a product to self-ignite during the heating process.

It is essential that care is taken when heating any wheat filled product to avoid damage and to ensure complete safety; it is important to note that burn holes can appear in the following circumstances.

• The product has overheated: heated for longer than the recommended time for the wattage of the appliance or re-heated before being allowed to fully cool; a wheat bag must be completely cold before reheating

• The turntable was not rotating properly, so the product heated unevenly causing a ‘hotspot’ to develop

• The product was folded during the heating process, again, creating a ‘hot spot’

• The product came into contact with residue of food or liquid on the turntable

• Something was inadvertently stuck to the fabric which caused it to smoulder when heated

• Perfumes, lotions, saliva or sweat were present on the fabric

• The product was not fully dry after cleaning before being re-heated

• The product was covered after being heated, causing the wheat grains to char

How long should I heat my wheat bag for?

If using a microwave oven, heating times will vary depending on the wattage of your appliance. Your wheat bag should come with instructions for different power levels, however for a standard sized wheat bag (approx 45cm x 12cm) the following heating times are recommended.

  • 650w - 3 minutes | 700w - 2.5 minutes | 800w - 2 minutes | 900w – 90 seconds

Don’t be tempted to exceed heating recommendations as this will not make it more effective or make the heat last longer. 

What is the right temperature for my wheat bag?

Everyone has a different tolerance level to heat therefore skin sensitivity should be taken into account when using a wheat bag, but it should feel comfortable and warm without burning. Always test the temperature before applying to the body and when heating a wheat bag for someone else, (especially the young or elderly) consider that the temperature they prefer may differ to you.

What if my wheat bag doesn’t heat up enough?

If your wheat bag feels too cool for your comfort level after first heating, you may warm it again for not more than 15 second increments until the desired temperature is reached.

I don’t have a microwave; can I heat my wheat bag in the oven?

It is not advised to heat a wheat bag in a conventional oven if a microwave is available, however, if wrapped in foil, your wheat bag can be heated for 15 minutes at 175c or 325f, turning every 5 minutes. For a fan oven, temperatures should be reduced accordingly.

My wheat bag feels damp - is this normal? 

Your wheat bag may feel damp when heated for the first two or three uses; this is quite normal and occurs with almost all wheat filled products due to the fact that they are filled with natural grains that may still contain moisture. This dampness will subside quite quickly - DO NOT be tempted to heat your wheat bag for longer to dry it out.

Can I put my wheat bag in the washing machine?

No, wheat bags should never be washed in a washing machine; simply sponge clean with warm water and mild detergent. Some wheat bags have removable covers which may be washed according to care instructions provided.

NB: Never heat your wheat bag straight after cleaning or when wet or damp. Allow to dry for at least 24 hours before heating.

Where should I store my wheat bag?

After use, leave your wheat bag to cool fully on a non-combustible surface such as a kitchen worktop or draining board, then store in a cupboard or other dry environment away from direct sunlight.

How long should my wheat bag last?

If used and stored according to recommendation, your wheat bag should give good service for several years.

How long will my scented wheat bag keep its aroma?

Most wheat bags are fragranced with lavender, although you are able to find other that are unscented or fragranced with an alternative scent. The aroma given off by your wheat bag will diminish over time, but as long as your wheat bag is otherwise good to use, you can revive the scent by adding a few drops of essential oil after heating, this could be lavender or another favourite such as eucalyptus.

Top Tips for best results

• Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
• Ensure the microwave turntable is working properly and the wheat bag rotates freely to ensure even temperature distribution.
• Place a glass or small container of water in the microwave with your wheat bag to help keep it moist and prevent the wheat grains drying, which will reduce the risk of charring.

Sensible precautions

• DO NOT exceed heating times stated in the instructions for your particular size of wheat bag. 
• DO NOT leave a wheat bag unattended whilst heating. 
• DO NOT allow unsupervised children to heat a wheat bag.
• DO NOT use a wheat bag if there is evidence of discolouration or charring.
• DO NOT use a hot wheat bag as a bed warmer or under blankets. 
• DO NOT fully reheat a wheat bag until it has completely cooled (this could take up to 2 hours).

We regret we are unable to accept liability for claims against burns in wheat filled products due to the 'user responsibility' element of this type of product. As mentioned above, there are a number of factors that can contribute to this happening, none of which can be excluded as possibilities and for which we cannot be held responsible. 


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