About Us

Heat Treats is a young, new company, and we are making it our mission to provide the widest range of heatable solutions for young and old.

It all started back in 2012, after a small selection of our products were spotted at a show by our founder; although they didn't suit her existing business, she fell in love with them and joked with the supplier (having no intention to follow it through) that she'd have to start up a new business specialising in microwavable toys.

Several months went by, and she couldn't stop thinking about the idea! It didn't take long before her off the cuff remark turned into a reality, and here we are today, loving the things we sell and hoping to share them with you.  

We've recently undergone a major re-design in an effort to give the Heat Treats brand a new and recognisable identity.


Well, if you're feeling chilly, have aches and pains or need a comforter for a little one, then you've come to the right place! And, if you're too hot, we've got a few things for you too!

Here at Heat Treats we have an array of warming goodies and it is our mission to make you feel as cosy, snuggly and warm as can be, wherever you might find yourself!


We've got: hot water bottles, slippers, hot packs, neck wraps, pillows, throws, hand warmers, dolls, cuddly toys, body wraps, teddies...and much more! and our stock list is growing by the day!

We're here to cater for everyone, whatever your needs or tastes; students, pensioners, parents and friends, for the cold nights and the duvet days, we won't disappoint. 


As a customer of ours you can be expected to be catered for in a way that we consider to be the 'Heat Treats Way'. Excellent service, quick delivery, friendly communication and a willingness to help are things we put at the top of our 'to do' list.

We aim to sell only the best products that you demand and are working to go beyond just taking orders, to providing an entire customer experience.


We'd love your input, so if you want to send us your stories, tips or just say Hi, then join us on facebook / twitter or send us an email.