Shoe Size Guide

Choosing the right size to fit your feet!

Shoe sizes can vary between different brands and manufacturers, which means that a size can never be guaranteed to be 100% the same for every style. There is no industry standard that applies to every country and brand; footwear manufacturers usually base their shoe sizes around one of three sizing methods.

  • average length of foot; this measure has the advantage of being directly related to feet. It applies to any type, form, or material of shoe or slipper. 
  • length of the inner cavity; this measure has the advantage that it can be measured easily on the finished product. However, it will vary with manufacturing tolerances and provides the customer with a general size range. 
  • length of the last; the foot-shaped template over which the shoe is manufactured which does not take into account every possible foot shape variance, such as width, instep, 

All the above measures can differ substantially from each other for the same shoe, therefore when choosing your size, it is worth bearing these points in mind. Please refer to the tables below for standard conversions; please bear in mind however that these are approximations only and may vary slightly.  

For sizes that are labelled as a from / to 'x' - 'x' fit we recommend the smallest size of the range as being most accurate. 

If in any doubt, we recommend measuring the sole of your foot in centimetres and requesting an actual measurement from us to ensure a perfect fit.