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Happiness Aromatherapy Room Mist Spray 100ml

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Product Overview

Happiness Aromatherapy Room Spray 100ml

- 100% Natural, Vegan & Cruelty-Free - 

Formulated to uplift & invigorate, happiness room and pillow spray is a unique aromatherapy blend of natural essential oils and absolutes. This fantastic scent is a trusted pick-me-up when feeling tired, glum or stressed, the zesty tang encouraging vigour and life, whilst relieving negativity. 

With scent notes of: Top: Bergamot, Green Mandarin Heart: Neroli, Geranium, Rosemary Base: Rosewood & Pine

A 100% natural and alcohol-free alternative to traditional room sprays. Housed in an elegant recyclable glass bottle, recyclable aluminium pump and with a natural wood cap. 

Each of our essential oil blends has been meticulously created from the best pure ingredients. They offer a unique experience to your senses that allows you to instantly break away from the demands of your daily routine and to treat yourself.

Essential oils have great therapeutic properties and can be used individually for a specific benefit, or different essential oils can be combined to provide multiple benefits. We blend our oils especially with this in mind. Each product in the Elm Rd collection releases its essential oil molecules into the air in your immediate environment, to help you relax and feel rejuvenated.


  • > Bergamot: Balances the mood, and relieves anxiety and depression.

  • > Neroli: This refreshing oil helps against depression and anxiety. Assists with calming to aid sleep.

  • > Mandarin: The sweet refreshing aroma relieves stress and tension, helps with sleep.

  • > Rosewood: A relative of cinnamon and bay, this oil helps grounding and centring the emotions and mind, combats nervousness and anxiety.

  • > Geranium: Helps relieve aches and pains, soothing depression and fatigue, provides support in stressful times.

  • > Rosemary: Invigorating and refreshing, helps to clear the mind and bring clarity, helpful in relieving jet lag. Improves circulation and aids detoxification.

  • > Pine needle: This sweet fragrance helps with breathing and is often used in meditation. Also helps clear the mind and lifts the spirit.


Imagine strolling through a citrus grove, surrounded by orange blossoms, yellow fruit and bright green, waxy leaves. In the distance you can hear the waves of the Mediterranean Sea and the sound of laughter on the breeze. And from somewhere, like soft background music, comes the fresh aroma of pine trees and rosemary shrubs. As you inhale deeply, you can't help but smile; you are in your happy place!


To use, simply shake well, uncap, direct the nozzle to where want to spray and press down on the pump three to four times. Allow the scent to develop and fill the room naturally.

Avoid contact with the eyes when misting.

Aroma mists are not intended to be used on skin.

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