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Home Hacks from Heat Treats

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Home is where the heart is, and at Heat Treats we are all about putting heart in to your home!

We sell hundreds of gorgeous products which are sure to make your home beautifully cosy and cute; dedicated to style from something as small as a hand warmer! We sell a lot of exclusive ranges, as we love to create that unique aspect in homes and adding your own personal touches! 

So we have thought up some funky house hacks, which are guaranteed to add distinctive flare in to your homes (and on great budgets, you can revamp your home for next to nothing!)

Ladder towel rail

Shabby chic is a fabulous way of modernising vintage for a cosy looking home, whilst maintaining a fresh look which is not fading and dated. 

Bathrooms can be notoriously difficult to add your own style to, as furnishings are so minimal, so we suggest the ladder towel rail! 

Go to a vintage store or car boot sale and you can pick up an old wooden ladder for just a few pounds! 

Sand it down, varnish it, paint it white, whatever you fancy, then simply lean it up against the wall and you have a great new towel rail which you can decorate as you please; just make sure you add some rubber stops to the bottom so it doesn’t slide!

Jar lighting

The age old dilemma; ceiling lighting is too bright, too dark without, and a lamp just doesn’t seem to reach as far as you’d like it to. Candles seem like the perfect mood lighting, but you daren’t fall asleep in case you forget to blow them out! 

Luckily, we have the solution! Take a large empty jar, for example an old pickle jar; if it still has a label on, soak it in hot water so the label peels off. Then buy a set of battery operated fairy lights and just place them inside the jar. Glue the battery pack to the lid, screw it shut and make as many as you desire to dot around the room for soft, warm lighting you’ll just want to cosy up to!

Rustic room signs

Make your own room hanging sign with just a plank of wood, some string and scrabble letters!

ake a nice piece of rectangular wood, sand it down and glue some wooden scrabble letters to the board, eg. (B.A.T.H.R.O.O.M) then glue some string to the top and hang it up. Quick, simple, easy and ultimate shabby chic!

The fluffy chair

The ultimate girls dressing table seat; the fluffy chair!

To buy one ready made isn’t cheap, but you probably have some things lying around which provide a more cost effect alternative!

Take an old plastic chair with metal legs and get some metallic paint spray; we love gold but you can go with whichever colour you like. 

Then, pick up some fluffy material or cut up an old faux fur throw, and use either a staple or glue gun to secure to the chair and suddenly a cheap plastic chair is oozing with glamour! 

Adorn with a cute pillow to really add edge, and co-ordinate with your bedding.

Rope ottoman

Outdoor furniture can be costly, yet especially with summer approaching, having a garden with décor as beautiful as your interior seems so important. This one is a little complicated, but if you have a spare tyre hanging about its practically perfect!

Get about 50’ of thick nylon rope and wrap it around the tyre so that the rope criss-crosses in every direction and you form a nice, taut cover for the open sides of the tyre: secure the rope to itself tightly. You then need about 150’ of heavy duty sisal rope.

Beginning at the edge of the tyre, wrap the rope around the nylon web, securing with a hot glue gun as you go along, until the entire sides of the tyre are covered. 

Once you get to the top, continue wrapping in concentric circles, but you will now have to glue the sisal rope to itself, as well as the nylon. 

Once you get to the centre, trim and glue in place. Cover with a light layer of sealer so that it is weather proof, and you are good to go!

Gold-rimmed glasses

Having nice, expensive drinking glasses is something a lot of people want, but not a lot have. 

The thought of spending £10 on a glass you could quite easily smash seems a little unjustified! So here is a quick DIY tip to add the expensive look to your glasses for a fraction of the price!

Decide how thick you would like the rim of the glass, and put some painters tape underneath around the full circumference of the glass. Get some food-safe metallic gold paint and use a foam brush to apply to the rim of the glass. 

Allow 2 hours to dry and then repeat. Once dry, remove the tape and use a razor blade to remove any paint that has run. Leave overnight and then enjoy a lovely beverage the next day- just remember to hand wash!

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